He Came For Me, 

Book One


‘The Protector Series'


 Jazz, driving on her way to TAFE one morning is passed by a gorgeous guy in a red Mazda Rx7. Caught at the stop lights ahead, she finds herself drawn to this stranger as he watches her in his rear view mirror. From the moment she meets him in person her life begins to change! Why does he always seem to be close by, could he be stalking her? Or was their meeting totally innocent?


“What do you think you are doing?”  I demanded.
“I was just checking on you, Seb.” she replied.
“Surely, you knew that Vern and I were patrolling tonight?”  I asked.
“Well, yeah, but I just wanted to make sure that you were okay.”  “I knew that you haven’t quite decided in which direction you will go with regards to Jazz, but I just couldn’t help myself I had to follow you over here to tell you that I believe in you, Seb.”  “I know that you will be able to make the right decision and whatever you decide I want you to know that I will support you one hundred percent!”  At that moment we all heard a familiar noise coming from Jazz’s upstairs bedroom.  I immediately ran and jumped up onto the tree branch level with Jazz’s window to glimpse what was happening in her room.
To my amazement a porthole was opening up on the far side of her bedroom.  I sat transfixed watching it open wide to allow the form inside to take shape and move towards Jazz as she slept in her bed.  My heart told me to jump through the window and save Jazz from this new threat but my mind stopped me with the knowledge that I would be unable to enter the room as I had never been invited into the house by any of its occupants.
I watched anxiously as this visitor stood gazing down at Jazz’s sleeping form.  It was hard to place who this intruder was, but it was easy to see that he came from my world.  His silver, blond hair hung loosely down his back and he looked older than most of our kind.  It seemed as though he was familiar with his surroundings, which meant he had been in Jazz’s room before!
I watched helplessly through the window, unable to enter the room to intervene, anxiously watching the scene before my eyes, as if it was taking place in a movie.
Jazz lay asleep, unaware of the visiting presence in her room, innocently sleeping as the man made his way in the darkness towards her.  He stood at the foot of her bed and silently watched as she slept.
Not understanding what was going on, I sat on the tree branch watching, trying not to make any sudden noises or movement so as not to attract the attention of the intruder.
He started to chant in a prayer form using a language forgotten by my people.  I could only decipher some of the words as I had studied it a very long time ago because of my interest in our old dialects.
He seemed to be blessing Jazz and asking for forgiveness because he had left her alone for so long.
Below me Bliss and Vern were anxiously trying to get my attention, but I did not want to take my eyes off of this stranger, in case he tried to harm Jazz.  Although I knew I would be unable to intervene in any way, I still felt that it was my responsibility to protect her.
I could see his lips move as he spoke quietly, chanting the prayer.  Jazz started to toss fitfully in her sleep as this stranger continued.  My heart struggled with the desire to stop what was happening before my eyes but I knew I was unable to do so.
I froze when he bent down and kissed her on the forehead and gently pushed back a lock of loose hair which had fallen across her cheek.  He moved away from the bed and stepped back into the porthole, just before it closed.  Once he stepped into the porthole he turned and looked straight at me.  I was sure that he tilted his head slightly in my direction as if he was acknowledging me but I couldn’t be sure as the porthole closed and he was gone!
Jazz was still sleeping soundly unaware of the intrusion, so I jumped down to Vern and Bliss who were anxious to find out what had just occurred.  I knew that they would be as shocked as I.